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Golf Day Services

As well as providing a Golf Trick Show, Paul can also be available for the whole day to provide additional services throughout your event.  These might include ‘Beat the Pro’ (on a designated hole) or he can play a hole with each team but with a bit of a twist!  They get to choose the club which could be a putter, a 6ft driver or maybe playing a shot using a 3ft high tee!!

If you are running a charity event or would like to raise funds towards the cost of your day, there are several ways of doing this, either throughout the trick show or whilst Paul is on the tee.  If this is something that you may be interested in, Paul can provide further details.

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Beat the 'Golf Trick Shot Guy'

Your guests challenge Paul to a ‘Nearest the Pin’ competition on one of the Par 3 holes but whilst your guests are able to use their own clubs, they get to choose which club Paul has to use from his ‘trick shot’ bag – the putter used as a driver is always a favourite!

Paul HHGC 5509_edited.jpg

High Tee Challenge

Paul stands on a designated hole and every player is challenged to ‘tee it up’ for their shot using a 2ft high tee! This is a really popular challenge which is great fun and is a perfect way to raise money for charity at the same time!

Paul Barrington Golf Trick Show Follow on Twitter @strikergolfshow

Long Drive Challenge

Having previously held the title of 'British Long Drive Champion', Paul will challenge your guests during his show to a Long Drive Competition!  He can only use his trick clubs and your guests get to choose which ones!  As you can imagine, they often choose the putter or another favourite is ‘off the knees’!

Paul Barrington Golf Trick Show Follow on Twitter @strikergolfshow

Playing Golf with your guests

As well as being a Golf Trick Shot specialist, Paul is also a Golf Professional by trade so can either play with a chosen team or can drop back after every hole and play with each group.

Paul Barrington Golf Trick Show Follow on Twitter @strikergolfshow

Advertising your day

Complimentary A4 posters are available to help advertise Paul’s show at your golf day.  He will also provide you with a link to his video vault which you can send to your guests to give them a sneak preview of what they can expect to see from Paul on the day! This can be used when advertising your golf day on your website, Facebook page, guest invitations & on Twitter.

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